List of The Best Dubstep Programs To Use

Many producers wanting to create their own producers often ask “What is the best dubstep program?” the answer is simple. You must try different software until you find what program fits your needs and workflow better. Now if you are familiar with sof

tware already I would continue to learn that and then try and learn how to use one of these software titles below.

Our List of Best Dubstep Programs

1.) FL Studio 10

Cost $99 -$299 (Different Versions Available)

Rating: 9/10

I chose Fl Studio to be the best software because it is what I find to be the most comfortable for me. I like the setup and interface and I know all the ins and outs of this program so it just works for me. FL Studio is one of the most respected programs for dubstep right now because you can use it with any VST including Native Instruments Massive. If you have never used FL Studio I would go download the free demo and try it out. There are so many tutorials out there to learn how to master this program. FL Studio

has everything in it to make dubstep. Also I find FL Studio to be the easiest for making sampled dubstep beats

2.) Ableton Live 8

Cost: $299 -$499

Rating: 8/10

Ableton Live is another really good choice in dubstep software. It is compatible with almost any piece of MIDI controllers including the Akai MPK or M-Audio Trigger Finger. Ableton Live is the Dubstep program that Skrillex uses to make his Grammy winning mixes. If you put time in to learn how to use this software you will be happy because it is very user friendly like FL Studio. Ableton Live is also great for recording lyrics into your mixes. This program is pretty costly but you aren’t going to find a better sequencing software for dubstep than this.

3.) Pro Tools 10

Cost: $699

Rating 10/10

What more can be said about pro tools that hasn’t already. It is industry standard and easily the most commonly used

software in the recording industry. You can load and sound you want into this and record any instrument you want. It is great for sampling if that is something you implement into your dubstep songs. Now if you are not going to be doing any vocal recording I probably would not spend $700 for pro tools. it is going to be way more than you need. At first you will be able to get by with

another program but if you get serious about your music you will probably want to learn how to use pro tools at some point.